Retail Inventory Optimisation

"The potential for ROI improvement in retail is significant when the supply of merchandise is brought in sync with real consumer demand in each retail location. It is our mission to capture that potential and improve your Return on Inventory." - Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO of Retailisation B.V.

Right Product, Right Place, Right Time

A unique, cloud-based inventory management solution for brands and retailers who sell their merchandise via retail networks. At Retailisation, we improve the profitability of our clients with a software (SaaS) solution that uses data from retail stores to calculate ideal inventory levels in retail networks for every item every day and deliver re-order points or orders to optimise the product flow to consumers everywhere. Our clients are mainly fashion and sporting goods companies. We use advanced data science and machine learning algorithms and integrate with many back-office systems  for data exchange. The result: supply finally meets demand at retail. Superior shelf-availability, high inventory turns and efficiency from automation all contribute to improve the ROI. The user interface (for web and mobile) of our software is built by merchants for merchants and includes functionality as assortment portfolio management via Pareto reporting and automated transfer calculations.


Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management Services

Retailisation: Goods-On-Tap APP

Retailisation: Goods-On-Tap APP

NL | Inventory Management

NL | Inventory Management

Speedy Implementation

Our systems require daily data from all points of sale and distribution. Our on-boarding process assures that this data can be exchanged quickly, reliably and securely.

Risk Free Onboarding

Our monthly subscription fee is based on the size of the retail network and includes the setup of the data-exchange and user-training. There are no hidden cost or initial investments.

Increased Retail Productivity

Our software evaluates and automatically adjusts the inventory levels for each item which results in superior shelf-availability and high inventory turns. The ROI impact is immediate and visible via our reports.

E-book: How to overcome the Retailer's Dilemma

The Retailer's Dilemma


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