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"The potential for ROI improvement in retail is significant when the supply of merchandise is brought in sync with real consumer demand in each retail location. It is our mission to capture that potential and improve your Return on Inventory." - Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO of Retailisation B.V.


We provide a unique, cloud-based inventory management solution for retail networks. At Retailisation, we improve the profitability of our clients, including the biggest brands in the fashion and sporting goods industry, with optimal flow of merchandise to retail in any channel. We use advanced data science and machine learning algorithms and integrate with many back-office systems for data exchange. The result: an improved ROI when supply finally meets demand at retail.

Reporting & Analysis

Make good decisions quickly on what counts the most.

Stock Optimisation

Improve the productivity of all retail spaces in any channel

Assortment Management

Activate new assortments and deactivate end-of line at any level of the hierarchy.

Replenishment Control

Match your supply with retail demand via automated, dynamic adjustments of re-order points.

Key Item Planning

Predictive intelligence and Event Management functionality for key items and promotions.

Retailisation Knowledge Base

Access our online knowledge base and easily contact our Customer Success Team.

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