Inventory Management Platform

With our inventory management platform, you connect your supply to your points of sale so that you can determine the optimum inventory levels for each unique item in each unique location every day. For
each retail shelf, physical and virtual and each hub that feed those shelves. Convert your
supply chain to a data-driven retail network for any channel.

Solution 1: Automated Replenishment

Using data and predictive algorithms, we dynamically adjust reorder points. We send them as ‘min-max’ to your own ERP or to a supplier as an order to be fulfilled.

Measure and monitor business performance KPIs such as Availability%, Rates of Sale, Understock & Overstock. Metrics are updated daily.

Set your desired ‘Weeks of Cover’ for machine-generated sales projections or manually forecasted events.

Easy to access dashboard to visualize and adjust suggested orders before they are released to your supplier(s).
Avoid stockouts and redundancy by controlling intakes of items with longer shelf-lives (e.g. NOOS).
inventory management platform

Solution 2: Assortment Optimisation

Group retail locations according to attributes and similar sales contributions by product.

Create ranges for each cluster by planning period, using historical data and strategic input.

Refine each range to assortments by location for each channel and format. Vary width and depth to maximise sales and profits.

Receive automated re-distribution advice from our Recommeder AI and continuously bring retail offers in sync with consumer demand everywhere.

Solution 3: Inventory Planning

Visualize sales planning for each defined time period (season) and channel at the level of the product group and/or product category.

Sales planning for each defined time-period (season) and channel at a location and cluster level.

Our future proof architecture reflects the above and suggests ranges by cluster by style-color.

retailisation inventory management platform

Onboarding process

Quick and Simple

Data Exchange

We receive your daily inventory and sales data via standard data connections.

Reorder point

We calculate the ideal reorder point for each item in each location.

Data Analysis

We analyse your data to calculate future sales and ROI potential.


We train merchants to use our portal and stay on top of store productivity.

Weekly Calls

Weekly calls are carried out to measure business performance.

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